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01-20-2010, 07:02 AM
I'd say they are doing more damage! I ran the Orion Sector Patrol, Una System mission with another player to help him out. (this is where you have to clear out 5 squads of klingons that are cloaked around Fed Sats)

This was the SECOND time I did this mission and this time with a BETTER setup and several times I was getting killed before my shields where down, or I lost all shields I hear "Hull to 75%" and BOOM. First time I did this mission I was on my own with no setup other than what you start with.

I had to call in another friend of my with a Excalibur to help and even he was taken out within seconds a couple times.

These are newbie missions here - it was the third mission I ever did. It shouldn't be that hard!