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To continue with the thought of Free gear...

These are Space Doffs you can pick up for free by completing chain missions.

Colony Chain Missions (Pick these chains up in the expanses and Nebula)

Tractor Beam Officer / Klingon - Arucanis Arm

Projectile / Klingon - Khazan Cluster

Energy Weapon (Sub System Targeting) / Klingon - Afehirr Nebula

Gravity Well / Klingon - Eridan Belt

Shield Distro (shields on brace for impact) / Klingon - Rolor Nebula

Tech Doff (This mission is popular) / Klingon - B'Tran Cluster

Deflector Doff (bread and Butter Sci doff right now) / Klingon - Azlesa Expanse

Projectile Doff - Chain Mission Ghosts of the Jem Hadar

Instigate Defection Mission (critical hit)

Conn Doff (Evasive) Federation

Energy Weapon (Sub targeting) Federation

Sensor Officer Klingon

Conn Officer (evasive) Klingon

System Engi (VM added system disable) Klingon

Reputation Purchases (not really free)

Development Lab (science Team cool down) - 125,000 fleet marks Dyson Rep

Research Lab (CPB Radiation) - 125,000 Fleet marks Dyson Rep

Research Lab (CPB Placate) - 125,000 Fleet Marks Dyson Rep

Projectile - 125,000 Fleet marks Omega Rep
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