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03-01-2014, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
The mirror vo'quv is an excellent (and cheap) cc/healer.
You should take a few min and throw up a build for one.

I know I have used the mirror Vo on a couple of my Klink alts that have mostly been turned into mostly farmers. I have more klingon toons then fed or rom just no reason to really treat them like mains... all the PvP happens on Feds, kerrat is a joke... and first it was Stupid OP Klink uni consoles that helped destroy klinks now it is stupid op fleet wepaons.

Still great farming ship the Mirror Vo.

I know things seem to be flying right now, I don't know it always settles down. This isn't the first manure storm, just the latest. Lets hope Cryptic doesn't see it as a reason to not push PvP... heck for every PvP guy using stupid cheese software I would bet 10,000 zen that there are 10 PvE guys doing the same.
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