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03-01-2014, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by edgecrysger View Post
Erm , this was noted in the past as well, the problem is not "noticing" it, the problem is the real devs that are supossed to fix all these bugs, do nothing. I cant imagine how many times nimbus has been reported and other admin comes in the tread to say the same. Now, i dont blame crypticfrost or anyone else, i only blame the devs for not doing nothing, even if they KNOW and are AWARE about all these bugs since almost years ago.
Noted by players. I haven't seen a single response from the team before this. Care to provide a link to one to show me that I'm wrong? I'm not talking about a day before the post here, where he also mentioned it in another thread about these bugs, with a lot less detail. either.

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