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I'm a firm believer that skill always triumph over gear in this game. In my opinion, gear is important maybe 1/3 of the time, but it still doesn't change the fact that 1/3 that time it will be important. I have 2 points I'd like to leave here.

1) People have to be realistic about pvp builds. I think these low cost builds are just a stepping stone, to get you started on pvp and also to give you some survivability. But new players should be advised that at the moment, the power creep is so strong, I find it hard to believe the builds posted in this thread are competitive or that people will remain satisfied with the items' performance on a long term basis. So yeah, reputation gear are practically a necessity due to several reasons. For instance, a regenerative shield that can be obtained from the exchange doesn't compare to the stats I've seen on the dyson shield. The later is very good at surviving vape (very annoying actually). Better yet aegis set isn't as effective or deadly like the 4 part dyson set bonuses (proton barrage, I don't need to say more).

So yeah, pvp is definitely not cheap, you must be willing to invest something of yours (personal time or money etc) down the road to get ahead. But don't despair, at least you have something you can use in the meantime while you wait to get there.

2) I understand the costs posted in this thread seem "low" to 2y+ veterans. And they are. But I remember thinking back in the day that 100k ec was a lot. I fear 10mil builds might be a bit much to casuals players, especially if they're new. I'm not saying that's wrong but this goes back to the point about staying realistic on the costs of pvp builds. There is probably no such thing as a "low cost" pvp build.
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