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01-20-2010, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by someGit View Post
I noticed an uptick in mysterious alpha shots and sudden (I'd say inexplicable) hull penetrations as well... Might not have noticed except that it's in missions that I have been doing over and over again for days now... So the difference was palpable...

Glad it wasn't just me being gimpier the better my gear gets =D
I thought it was gear too, I don't have as much LT COmmander gear as I'd like but looking at the LT COmmander gear vs. mine (Mostly uncommon parts) they are not THAT much better. Those Alpha shot in particular are desvestating, I turn pretty fast and what is happenning is any ship beats down all sides of my shields to nothing or near nothing, even with emergency power and a device to boost shields, if I live through the alpha, IF, the second attack I have no shields on all sides and usually 40-60% on my hull, if I am luck I pounded with my Escort one shield facing. You can't run, pump power into engines and you die from the attacks, once your in, it is nearly impossible to pull out. Range affects my weapons but not thiers as well. I tried to stay at just inside range on a battleship in one fight as opposed to my normal approuch from the side and pound one arc in close and move out for the boom. But at range my alpha attack did nothing to its shields, but its alpha attack was the same dropped my shields to zero on that arc and hull was at 55%, this was at 9.5 or so km.