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03-01-2014, 05:18 PM
I agree with you deokkent, low cost builds don't compare to the fleet and reputation gear most of the experienced PvPers have. My testing in Ker'rat and CnH with MUPE also confirmed that. Sure, I could destroy Mini for some reason (I have a feeling he invested solely in offense), but I couldn't even scratch by myself most of the ships I attacked (however, it was whole other story once phasers kicked out their shields). I simply need fleet and rep gear to compete. Gotta try the upgraded version (distruptor gear)...

As for your point 2, I remember that even more clearly - that's why I aimed at "only" 1M build, as that's the sum fresh lvl50s can rack up in only 3-4 days by simply playing the game. Not to mention, for me 5M is too much even now. Even better, using Foundry farming missions (like Admiral BoBo goes to war), they can get required amount even faster.