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Has the developers and programmers team been looking into the side of all extra hardware utilities that could be used in STO yet ?
I have for instance a cyborg joystick and a Saitek progamer-command unit that i wanted too try out on the beta and could not seem to attach the system of these hardware componments in any way .
My primary use is the Saitek ProGamer-Command Unit this is a controller that could basicly replace allmost 70% of the whole keyboard set-up that is now default working in the STO Beta . I can attach each keyboard key onto this controller but that would then exclude the full use of the small analog joystick it has for the thumb .
If there is a possibility to make it work that the software recognizes the STO software that would significantly improve game play a lot .

I have been playing Star wars online for like 6 years and have used first the belkin nostromo ( which is also good ) and the saitek in that time span of play , and on ground and even in space i manage to adjust its set up almost to its best ability then . This made me enjoy playing an online MMO or such a lot more simply because i managed to have the grip on my gameplay lay-out for all that time .

Please add any of your example controllers or gamepads or joysticks that you have been using over the year in this thread so maybe the programmers and developers could have a better understanding and insight on what is commonly used by so many online players within the MMO comunity .