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I miss when factions were unique with different tactics

I miss when free ships were viable in pvp and they were most of what was used. The Fleet escort (now known as Patrol escort) and Heghta BOP were great ships back then.

I miss when you could use 4 DHC builds

I miss when you could use torps without being a BO vaper

I miss when not everyone cloaked.

I miss when you used to see more faction ships then lockbox, lobi and event ships

I miss when you could level to 50, do a few STFs then jump into pvp without having to grind rep and fleet credits for months.

I miss when crafted, loot, and exchange bought consoles, equipment, and weapons were useful

I miss when there were less god mode doffs

I miss when there were less cheese consoles and before there was cross faction consoles

I miss when Feds couldn't hide in FvF

I miss when you could change sides in Kerrat

I miss when tricobalt was useful.
As you can see, I didn't remove much, but the above is definitely what I do miss.

Edit: Almost forgot to add: I miss a working PVP Queue.
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