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Many of you keep going on about how you keep being kicked off the log in server, or lagging and such, fair do's however, i can't get past the god damn launcher username/pass entry, so my problem (and several others with the same one) have the worst one, and yet cryptic has not respondd ONCE to this one. my ticket have ben around from about, tues day i think and nothing. so whilst it's iritating that you keep having theese problems, at least thank your stars that you can at least get on the servers.

so cryptic, what could cuase the error message, unable to authenticate? an answer to a POSSIBLE soloution would be great, anything, i'd rather at least just have a reason as to why i can't ever log in and play then simply nothing and feeling nothing but frustration. I mean, it doesn't even tell you WHAT it can't authenticate so it's completly usless as an error message.

btw, i can't log into champs for the exact same reason.

EDIT: and before any one stupidly asks, are your ports blocked please note, i wouldn't be able to enter my username/pass if they were. but as it were i have run the nettest utility to check if my ports are unblocked.