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03-07-2014, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by revandarklighter View Post
I'd always be up for fun actions like that if they are planned....
But in an open STF-Q this should be forbidden, sorry.

You wouldn't get hate from me, I'd just leave if i'd see someone doing that. And he'd end on my igno. I understand that you are bored, but other are not and do that for marks and depend on a team. And you are ruining their game. And that is a very antisocial behavior.
Kinda have to agree with this.

In a private group, whatever goes if your group allow, but a lot of people use the public queue system as solo players, who are grinding marks, leveling up alts etc....

I'm all for choices in the game, I'm all for few restrictions if any at all, but I also think you should be considerate to other players and not mess with their gameplay.
Which one will you be?