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03-07-2014, 04:53 AM
Originally Posted by revandarklighter View Post
I'd always be up for fun actions like that if they are planned....
But in an open STF-Q this should be forbidden, sorry.

You wouldn't get hate from me, I'd just leave if i'd see someone doing that. And he'd end on my igno. I understand that you are bored, but other are not and do that for marks and depend on a team. And you are ruining their game. And that is a very antisocial behavior.

As long as they are holding their own in the fight (and I've seen some people in tier 1 ships completely out fly some top of the line ships) I really have no issue with it. Hell, I've done it myself a few times with my (now mothballed) mirranda and I currently enjoy doing it in my TOS connie the U.S.S. BLUE FALCON. Loads of fun.
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