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03-07-2014, 08:25 AM
The reason why, is because CBS said no. There are endless posts complaining about the lack of a T5 Connie and its all just wasted breath. The economics are not disputable: allowing a T5 Connie would be like printing money and the only reason it hasn't happened yet is purely due to licensing restriction. Any pretense of violating game continuity or people's sensibilities, affectations blah, blah, as the reason is nonsense. I forget who on the forum it is, but there is someone with a signature pointing out how its OK to be a Romulan liberated Borg federation captain flying around in a Breen ship with a Jem Hadar Bridge officer ...etc. In other words, there simply is no limit to what can be done in STO from a continuity standpoint.

As far as the T'Varo, my first fleet ship purchase was a T'Varo. Alpha'd destabalized torps are ridonkulous. To maximize my potential, I actually bought the Hirogen lock box traint: Hot Pursuit (double mine tracking distance) for my Transphasic and Nukara web mines, as well as the trait: Intimidating Strikes (10% chance to confuse targets hit by torpedoes).

I like mines in the back because with Dispersal pattern beta III and 2 KM tracking distance, you will constantly be mopping up anything nearby. This is disgusting on maps like Cure Elite where it is easy to get groups of ships to fly through them. On other maps, simply flying in reverse through your own cloud of mines will kill any pursuer and also works great for clusters of gravity-welled Borg Spheres/Probes