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03-07-2014, 10:36 AM
The lance is a bulky gun strapped onto the ship, you are not gonna make better use of it when its put to the absolute front. Its till not gonna swivel up or down.

Cannons, and i would actually make an argument against having those on the ship in the first place (same as i would argue that saucer sep has no place on the GX), would have to be placed into the front of the saucer to maximize the frontal assault.

That aside, it would look even more goofy than these big bolts firing from the antennas.

Heck, i wish the venture saucer would feature a roll bar where the cannons and torpedoes are emplaced.... Miranda style, but more rounded....

you know..... like this baby here:

The Yamato From Klingon Academy, a Federation Battleship that was everything the GX is not.
It tanks like a boss, has ridiculous frontal firepower {this sucka carrys 2(!) starbase-grade-phasers(!!) in a weapon pod between the 2(!!!!) secondary hulls and is fed power by 2(!!!!!!!!!!!!) warpcore's. In addition it carrys the standard loadout of way to many phaser beam emitters (no arrays yet...) and a serious amount of photons in the rollbar bottom and top.}

Well, design aesthetics aside i am back to saying:

Cryptic had the opportunity not only to give us a decent dreadnought, but also add a new skin and model and update the whole package with the newer tech. Mode switching, integrated weapons etc.
They could have easily resold that as a package, and integrated a fleet galaxy X and Fleet Gal R update with the usual console and stat upgrades for the already existing ships.

But they did not.
They slapped a freaking hangar on it. They reused the bloody doomsday weapon gun. They did not refurbish the lance, they failed to at least make the boff seating better.
And they have the nerve to try and sell their LAZY HACK JOB as a fckn achievement!

There was no effort or thought spend on this reboot. Wait i must rectify that: They spend much thought on making this as insulting as possible.