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03-07-2014, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by revandarklighter View Post
I'd always be up for fun actions like that if they are planned....
But in an open STF-Q this should be forbidden, sorry.

You wouldn't get hate from me, I'd just leave if i'd see someone doing that. And he'd end on my igno. I understand that you are bored, but other are not and do that for marks and depend on a team. And you are ruining their game. And that is a very antisocial behavior.
Funny you should mention that...I've been considering trying to put together some fun STF action with Tier-1 and 2 ships...I'm not much of an organizer, though...I generally just suggest the ideas, and let someone else work out the logistics....

...that said, though, I'm -all in- on a pure Tier-1 STF run or 2...; though on my main lv 50 Fed character, my TOS Connie's going in there with the best equipment I can put on it, aside from the Retro Phaser banks, which stay out of pure nostalgia...; toss me a message in-game, sometime!
" others have demonstrated in this thread (the kick-ass CC Nebula from Hell for instance...nice, thought of trying something similar myself, but I love my Oddy tank too much)."

Thanks, Ovrkyl!