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03-07-2014, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
After thinking about it for a while and reading some of the back and forth, I'm hoping that the reason they didn't do too much is because of larger game changes coming later on.

I'm hoping that by keeping the Galaxies as more tanky ships, that it means that they're either going to rebalance gameplay to need other roles than just DPS or maybe introduce new content that needs more than just DPS. I kind of feel that if they had just stuck a Lt. Com tac on the X that it would have basically been Cryptic giving up on any sort of movement away from the DPS fest we have now. On the other hand, the X is supposed to be more of a tac dread than idk, mixed on that one.

I'm really hoping that this is more of a "big picture" change than just being stubborn and snubbing Galaxy/X users. Of course I could just be overly optimistic about it. I hope I'm not though.
Well even if they change the game content, there is a problem.
Right now, everybody says the the Galaxy-R is a good tank. And that's basically true, mind you. But, it's only true if you build it as a solo tank.
Imho a really effective tank needs Tactical Team, Beam: Fire At Will and Attack Pattern: Delta. That's a tank's bread&butter from my point of view.
Right now the tactical options of the Gal-R are so limited, it can't pull that off. Without Fire At Will, all it can do is pull single aggro. Without AP: D (or AP: O..), other cruisers actually do a better job.
So it's just not enough being hard to kill. You have to have the abilities and options to actually do your job.

Of course you could rely on some other ship's AP: Delta, but the game is lightyears away from that kind of teamwork, it would simply not work for most players (which is a shame, but that's the way it is, extremely casualized), and it would be a crutch anyway. You're better off using a cruiser that's one Ensign engineering short but gets the job done. Like the Odyssey or the Fleet Ambassador.

That's the problem with the Gal-R. I don't want it to have more tactical skills to deal more damage. I would like it to be able to do what it was designed for.
Without a crutch like other people's AP: D or a point defense console to pull group aggro..