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Woah tiger..

A dreadnaught is a type of battleship which happens to be a warship. And it will never be a proper one without a lt cmdr tac station. Don't blame the overwhelming demand for it, blame cryptic for 1 labeling it a dreadnaught (more of a heavy cruiser) and not giving it the strong arm a dreadnaught deserves.
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Really would have made things easier if Cryptic had put all Tac-heavy cruisers (Or all ships claiming to be damage-oriented tanks) into a single classification. Though I don't know if I could reconcile the Galaxy-X's array of giant weapons with Heavy Cruisers such as the Cheyenne or Excelsior.

Either way, the Dreadnought label does seem fitting for this game, and how ships are classified here. So I'd certainly like it to see this ship get more of a reason to have this title.
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I said it before, that it was a bad idea for Cryptic to attach dreadnaught to this ship.

Yes, a dreadnaught is another name for battleship for the rest of us. Cryptic for some reason thought it was just a cool name to slap on a ship that isn't one.
Just gonna throw this out there:

Cryptic REFUSES to place the Battleship title on ANY playable ship. The few ships that have claim to that title are either:

1) Not playable (Jem'hadar Battleship, Typhoon-class anyone?) or

2) Have their name changed for the playable versions (Bulwark, D'Deridex (admittedly the NPC ones were changed with the release of LoR though), the MU battleships, Vo'quv etc).

I don't really get it. But hey, it's up to them XD.
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