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I co-drafted this idea back when the Andorian Escort was introduced and given what has been occurring figured that, as my co-author does not post on the forums anymore, this fairly straightforward (and cheap) improvement to player satisfaction/experience was worth mentioning again. (note: this thread's proposal now includes expanded content).

TL;DR of Proposal: We recycle weapon assets to get a gun item for use on the Galaxy-X Dreadnought to complement its "gun power" in much the same way as the Andorian Escort has a gun+gun-power. A number of other current ships (e.g. Bortas/Bortasqu') have gun-powers without a gun-item or have been shown with gun's that could have powers (e.g. the ST:Voyager series with the short-lived Iso-Kinetic Cannon) with all cases being near-costless opportunities for Cryptic to improve content. We recycle the Dyson Science Destroyers "Tactical Mode" ship-mechanic assets to give the Galaxy-Dreadnought platform greater utility while maintaining "reasonable balance" (by making the player choose between hangar and lance for example). This can be applied to other ships with feasible novel gun-items (e.g. Bortas/Bortasqu', Voyager, etc) and feasible player experience systems not currently in game at all (e.g. directly controlling space stations in combat).

Read quote below for shortened proposal statement:
Originally Posted by projectfrontier

Proposal #1 Part A: TL;DR: Make the phaser lance a "real boy" by recycling item/VFX/SFX assets:
Take Kumari-Phaser-Wing-Cannons
+ Phaser Beam VFX/SFX
+ Context appropriate boff powers
==== in-game context sensitive Dreadnought phaser lance weapon item
& numerous potential concept applications (Bortas/Bortasqu' Autocannon Item, Voyager's Isokinetic Cannon, Undine's/Species 8472's Main Gun, etc)
& little to no cost
& support is generally universal with only dissension being in the form of doubting Cryptic's willingness to play ball.

Expanded content TL;DR:
Proposal #1 part B TL;DR: Improve the Galaxy-X Dreadnought as a platform by recycling other assets, specifically "tactical mode" mechanics from the DSD:
Take above in-game context sensitive legit Dreadnought phaser lance item w/ benefits
+ modified Dyson Science Destroyer Tactical Mode
==== massive overall ship improvement
& little to no cost
& numerous potential expanded concept applications (mode-toggles for all reasonable choices of novel special weapons, mode-toggles for those under the "Dreadnought" moniker where their defining characteristic is hangars + weak comms arrays, and even far-flung ideas like players "flying space stations" in combat - or generally multi-use templates for "guns, lots of guns/hangars? we don't need no stinking hangars!"/"analogous line")

Support is also universal for this from those people who have addressed it.
Read quote below for full statement:
Originally Posted by projectfrontier - full version with expanded proposal content
I posted

in the wrong section

Full statement (which is TL;DR of original + expanded content) for entire proposal:
A slightly modified (VFX/SFX/power & ship association) Kumari-Phaser-Wing-Cannons is a proper asset for a "legitimate" in-game representation of the "Phaser Lance" in a "weapon-item" format. An engineer's proof-of-concept may only require the time equivalent to a coffee break (and possibly as much deploying it) to validate the argument

This solution to the "phaser lance wants to be a real item-boy" problem provides a simple update that does not involve reinventing any wheels, breaking the game, or removing existing content (the current toggle power is retained in whatever format is appropriate). If anything it enhances the user-experience for all parties by correlating appropriate visuals with appropriate feedback in line with the ten-or-so seconds the weapon actually cycled on screen ("STTNG "All Good Things..."; footage which, contrary to the declarations of "it's a God Gun", is the VFX equivalent to a combat log entry of "(currently) Plot Immune Hero-ship 'Enterprise' successfully hits 'Generic Klingon Opponent-ship' with 'Artistic License (i.e. time+budget constrained) VFX Shot Eye-Candy' Attack for 'Plot-Progression' damage, onto the next plot point!")

This proposed change can be used as a template for creating numerous game-enhancing content elements including: (1) Bortasqu'/Bortas auotcannon item; (2) Voyager's mysterious "Isokinetic Cannon" (think STO:Season 9+); (3) Species 8472's certain-to-be lockbox ship gun; (4) a template for beam weapons on player-controlled space-stations.

Additionally, Tactical Mode can (and should reasonably be) be recycled off of the Dyson Science Destroyer to let the player choose between "Cruise/Normal mode" and "Attack mode" where the player would be able to choose between 4/4 + Hangar and some configuration where the lances-item's slot activates (perhaps 5/3 + Lance-in-5th-slot + some change to boffs/comms-arrays) which summarily results in game-enhancing element item (5): a template that can be used on all Dreadnoughts if not all cruiser-types in general.

post "+1" if you support the idea above; OR post an alternative solution that achieves the indicated objective purpose.

Leave all Pro/Anti-Cryptic propaganda/commentaries outside.

/// UPDATE: Original Post Proposal has been:
/Supported by projectfrontier, caasicam, captaind3, reynoldsxd, johnsteward
/Rejected by


Originally Posted by reynoldsxd View Post
+1 for using assets already existing in the game to refurbish this turd of an ability.
And since were are on it: Guramba lance and bortas auto turret can use a rework too.
Secondary note: this type of recycling could be used for other ships (as noted here); as an
aside the Guramba has "nice synergy" with the A.Maco deflector power KDF side.

PROPOSAL: ALSO create a Bortas-based copy of this modification which goes with its
"Autocannon console" power.

/Supported by at least projectfrontier, reynoldsxd, and caasicam
/Rejected by
Proposals for using in-game features to improve: (1) the "Phaser Lance" (and other underrepresented/missing "big guns"); && (2) separation systems on all ships that have them; && (3) training boffs in captain only powers by using boffs as pack-mules; OR to add functionality like: (4) "Away Teams Of Space Ships";

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