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03-07-2014, 01:39 PM
You know, one thing I'd really like on science ship would be for them to realize themselves more on the non-combat things that science ships ought to have an edge on.

Don't specialized computers and powerful sensors result in having access to more information?

I'd like to see the possibility for faster gauge speeds when interacting with a mission objective.

I'd like to see better sensor ranges, being able to locate objects slightly farther, and be able to identify them from farther too. "Yeah, that hostile contact 27 km away is a Negh'var battleship."

I'd like to get more information on my target; I think it'd be fantastic to be able to see the power levels of an hostile ship I'm targeting. "That escort is coming in on us hot with full powers to weapons, but its power to shields is minimal: quick, target their shield subsystems!" It'd also help us really measure the effectiveness of Tyken Rift and Energy Siphon by actually being able to see the result.


I think the above would be highly satisfying to have for science vessels to seem much cooler, without actually increasing their combat potency all that much. Just stress more that 'knowledge is power', and that such knowledge is at the disposal of a science ship's captain.

I don't need more hangars. I don't need more space magic. What I need is for science ships to feel more science-y.
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