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03-07-2014, 02:43 PM
Yes to this idea so much.

I had a similar (read: exact same) idea back when the Andorian Escorts came out as well, and I couldn't want it more for the Dreadnought's Lance. Not only would it be updating an older ship with mechanics from a new one, it would certainly make the Lance a more effective weapon as well as solve the problem of the "Phaser-only" Dreadnought. Besides, how cool would it be to see a gaint Phaser fire off a volley time after time.

Mechanics wise, it shouldn't be any different from the Kumari Wing Cannons (comparable DPS to DCs and DHCs, 3 sec recharge, etc) while it could easily recycle the Beam Overloaded visuals for actual looks. Granted, probably with a higher "visual" rate of fire.

Have you considered the idea of having the Lance "Weapon" and the Cloak Console as a 2-piece set, with the current incarnation of the Phaser Lance as the set bonus ability?