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03-07-2014, 08:38 PM
what do you mean you want these upgrades?

size and stuff, we already have (mostly). and FYI, the length of the defiant is still rather debatable. major kira stated it was 180, whereas a behind the scenes on the defiant, as well as math related to the model, states 120 (or i may have these two numbers backwards, i forget now.) it all depends what makes a source canon to you. in the show, or behind the scenes?

the warp core and all that is a bit old news, seeing as how we have MK12 now, which is alot better then MK7, though if you really want a MK7 warp core on your defiant, go right ahead.

no way in hell is the defiant getting a shuttle. no. way. in. hell. EVER.

the only thing i can think of as an upgrade is the cloak. yeah, the first defiant had a cloak. woopie. the C-store variant has a cloak not because the romulans keep loaning ones to the federation, but because select federation ships are designed to equip them (ie. galaxy X, avenger, defiant.) and therefore, the federation designed a basic cloak for use on these ships. this cloak cannot compete with the experience and skill the romulans have with cloak, and since the original defiant was destroyed, starfleet no longer has a cloak to study. since they were allies with the romulans when the first defiant was around, i doubt starfleet tried to really study it do to their agreements with the romulans over not only that cloak, but also federation cloaking at all.

therefore, no battlecloak for feddies. sorry, no upgrade.
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