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03-07-2014, 09:30 PM
I tried the Dyson 3-set for a while, went back to my Borg 2-set and Fleet Shields. The emergency shield boost was occasionally useful on the Dyson shield, but the low capacity got me one-shotted a few times on Hive Elite (and my ship was an otherwise reasonably tanky JHDC).

The Solanae set on the other hand has been holding up fairly well, and the 3-piece is potentially getting a slight buff soon (check today's Tribble patch notes for details). Not sure if it out performs my old equipment defensively but much better than the Dyson set, plus it provides a bit more of an offensive boost than the Borg 2-piece, mostly from the individual parts rather than from set bonuses (built-in mini Feedback Pulse in the shield, accuracy buff on the deflector).

Solanae also has the benefit of being free to acquire, just have to run Step Between Stars a few times.
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