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Originally Posted by tahnalos View Post
Hey guys. Since last week, I've been noticing an issue where prolonged play in the STO universe results in the game (and my computer) freezing, and therefore needs to be reset. I'm sure it is STO given that this doesn't happen in any other application. Wondering if anyone has also encountered this issue. And if so, what are the best ways to get around this?

If the whole computer is freezing as well, than it is more than simply the game causing the issue.

You could very well be experiencing issues related to a bad, and/or failing hardware device such as the CPU, PSU, MOBO, HDD, GPU.

I and other's have noted the game does cause huge CPU spikes at times, and can with the possibility of other issues cause the freeze.

If it is only the game than the culprit is already pretty much found, but even with the game being the main culprit there is always still the possibility of a failing hardware device.
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