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I don't know where you got this pink/purple pajama thing, but that's not what the TOS Romulans wore.

The Romulans in TOS were aggressive and tricky, sure; that's not a matter of dispute. What is the matter disputed is the fascist bully-boy nature which characterized most Romulans in TNG and all the later series (although ENT doesn't really do that).

I have yet to see any date for the formation of the Tal'Shiar other than the one I have stated repeatedly. I've stated the source explicitly. You have vaguely referred to "newer material" without any specifics. State the source(s) or give it a rest.

The Tal'Shiar has its own fleet, yes. It is still not a military organization, and is explicitly stated to be civilian and not military.

I don't recall having encountered Hakeev before LoR (although I may have forgotten, since my Vulcan and Orion were already at the level cap for quite some time prior to the release of LoR). Furthermore, he's not mentioned anywhere in the Path to 2409.

When the player first encounters Temer in the Virinat system (which, oh my, is prior to the rediscovery of New Romulus), he identifies himself as a part of "the Romulan Republic." Several additional references to "the Romulan Republic" are made prior to the rediscovery of New Romulus.

And attacks by supporters of the Empire against the Republic for experimenting with Iconian tech while the RSE experimented with Borg tech are not equally hypocritical?
Pink pajamas is a reference to the TOS Romulan Uniforms, which incorporate pink pajama bottoms to my eyes. Rather silly looking IMO.

Book is "Kobayashi Maru", and according to it, the Tal Shair is quite old.

They use military ranks such as 'Major' they use the same ships as the normal military, almost identical uniforms (TNG) and later the same uniforms as the military (DS9). They had enough D'deridex classes to field entire fleets of Tal Shiar ships, They were effectively the second branch of the Romulan military. That counts as 'armed forces' in my book.

Hakeev existed prior to Legacy of Romulus. You encountered him in 'Mine Enemy' the arena episode, and 'Cutting the Cord' I'm not sure if he was even the leader of the Tal Shiar prior to LoR, but he certainly wasn't working with Sela. No he isn't mentioned at all in Path to 2409, in fact-if anything path to 2409 hints that Rehaek is the puppet master of the Tal Shiar, orchestrating Sela's exile when she started digging in places the Tal Shiar didn't want her to.

The Romulan republic wasn't mentioned before Legacy of Romulus at all. The references were added afterwards, along with more obvious changes-some with New Romulus, and some with Legacy of Romulus. Surely you noticed that New Romulus ships used to fly with the I.R.W. Prefix and their personnel used to have RSE uniforms? Some of the NPCs still do, like the lieutenant in the warehouse quest. Presumably Cryptic forgot to change her rank and uniform when LOR came about. It's rather interesting comparing D'Tan's faction pre-LOR to post-LOR. The Tal Shiar general's offer to make D'Tan the Leader of the Star Empire makes a lot less sense now that his forces were the ones that overthrew the RSE and Tal Shiar, but it made more sense when D'Tan was the leader of one of the factions to emerge in the in-fighting following Sela's departure.

Have I attacked the Republic for using Iconian tech in the past? Perhaps in the case of the gateway it may seem questionable, given they knew the Dewans wiped themselves out screwing around with that same gate. The Dyson sphere or the utilization of solanae technology though? handled much better.