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03-07-2014, 11:34 PM
Just dinged lvl 50 with my KDF Romulan Tac captain.

I went Photon Torpedos (because of the fast reload & the lack of Purple Torpedo DOFFs on a n00b 50). Didn't have the Breen stuff yet, and I still don't like the Transphasics for stupid Borg STFs because nothing lives long enough for that to matter.

4x Photon Torpedos up front (3x purple Mk X Acc/Dmgx2, 1x green Mk XII Acc), 2x Photon Torpedos rear (both purple Mk X Acc/Dmgx2), plus the Tractor Mines or Mk XII Photon Mines... Tac consoles are 2 purple Mk XI Photon Detonation Assembly consoles, 1 blue Mk XII Photon Detonation Assembly console. Plus the T'varo set bonus. Not terrible & not a 100% n00b setup, but it's not close to the output of my Quantum Torpedo setup on my B'rel.

Still managed to get the Tactical Cube at the end of ICE to target me towards the end of the fight (and got one- or two-shotted for that & had to fly back to the loot pile LOL). Considering we got the bonus & nobody used Grav Well on the Nanite Spheres, I think the DPS was pretty decent all around.

And I didn't even use the destabilized Plasma thingy from the T'varo set because I hadn't used the T'varo before doing an ICE run. I was worried about not pulling my weight in an Elite, but ICE is so easy, even a PUG could do it & get the bonus.

I'll do the Transphasic thing at some point, though... but the Breen Cluster is just so slow, and Rapid Fire Transphasics aren't purple Mk XIIs...
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