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Personally, I say go for the Borg set. The 2 piece set bonus is Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer, which increases your hull regeneration rate, and hull repair ability. And it also has a chance to instantly apply a large hull heals whenever you take damage.

The 3 piece set bonus is Multi-Regenerative Shield Array, which grants a massive shield heal if your shields drop below 20%. In addition to the instant heal, it also increases the rate of shield regeneration over time, and also clears away that annoying Borg Shield Drain.

The 3 piece set bonus also gives an Assimilated Tractor Beam. If you use a Gravometric Scientist duty officer or two, this will also drain the target's shields.

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However, I am running polaron weapons right now, carry over from the Jem'hedar set. I am debating either going Romulan Plasma (and rest of Romulan Singularity Harness ), or the Dyson Proton (from the Protonic Arsenal). How are they?
I say go for the full Romulan Plasma build. The weapons obtained from the Romulan Reputation include a Disruptor bonus, which also lowers your enemy’s damage resistance. While these do not deal near as much damage as the Advanced Fleet versions, the fact that they do lower your target’s damage resistance means that they benefit the entire team’s firepower. So this is the better route if you tend to play on teams.

The Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array does not drain anything from your Weapons Power, which means more power available to your other weapons, which increases their damage output as well. This devastating weapon also adds a Disruptor bonus of -10.8 All Damage Resistance. If you are going to use this weapon, the best course of action is to use the entire set. The 3-part set bonus increases the damage output of the Experimental Beam Array, and will also guarantee the ignition of a high-powered fire on the enemy’s hull, and even further decreases your target’s damage resistance. In addition, this weapon also benefits from Beam Overload. Overloading without draining any power at all is a devastating combo, to say the least.

If you commission two or three Very Rare quality Projectile Weapon duty officers, you can get to where the Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo can fire almost continuously without a cooldown timer. This impressive weapon is even more fun if you use Torpedo Spread. Fortunately, the Jem'Hadar Tactical Bridge Officer (obtained from the “Facility 4028” mission) and Elisa Flores (obtainable at Starfleet Academy) both possess Torpedo Spread 3, so either of them are a must-have for players who use this weapon. This Torpedo also benefits from High Yield.

The final part of the Romulan Singularity Harness set is the Zero-Point Energy Conduit, a universal console that increases all your subsystem power levels and adds resistance to power drains. If you couple that console with the accompanying set weapons, the 2-part bonus gives a 7.6% increase to all of your Plasma damage output, not just the set weapons, but ALL your Plasma weapons.

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