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03-07-2014, 10:48 PM
Yes, current flight rules require pilots to declare their intended flight path before takeoff and wait for clearance. That model is not conducive towards flying to the grocery store, and then making an unplanned stop at the post office. For mass use of personal flying vehicles to be practical, the system must be able to handle a billion unscheduled takeoffs and landings nationwide per day, with destinations added, deleted, or changed with only a few minutes' notice.

The second problem is that the majority of people just aren't competent to fly safely using current aircraft and regulations. It's not merely that we aren't educated in how to fly an airplane or helicopter--it's that 60-70% of adults would flunk out of flight school. Imagine the worst idiots you have encountered on the road--and then imagine said idiots flying through the air at four or five times the speed of ground traffic.

Both of these issues could be solved by having the aircraft networked and computer-controlled, but there will be plenty of die-hards who would refuse to trust their lives to a computer.
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