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Originally Posted by nulonu View Post
I'm guessing you changed the ground elachi weapon proc too? MEH if you did.....
True, there is also that, it makes stacking the Elachi weapon very overpowered.

(Rest of the post directed at devs) Imagine 5x Elachi Pistol while under Rally Cry IV. The only class that could tank something like that would be a medic. Engineers will burn and Tactical officers will suffer majorly. If the shield bypass proc has no cooldown, then it needs to reduce the bypassing damage by 50% and lose the damage resistance decrease. The proc on Ground is 5%, which means 1 in every 20 shots will land the proc. Elachi Pistols fire once every half second, which means there will be a proc on average once every 10 seconds per player. That made the weapon useful on one or two people on a team, but it was partially balanced by that lockout period. A team of 5 using this weapon has a 22.6% chance of getting a proc every second. It takes between 3-11 of these procs to kill a target unbuffed. A team of five is going to meet that quota very quickly.

Then factor in the weapon secondary attacks. Many people in the Ground PvP community call these guns the "noob rifle" and the "noob pistol", The devs may or may not be aware, but there is a very good chance for a oneshot if the secondary attack procs while the player is using damage buffs. Most players don't use the weapon in a team setting because of the lockout period. It brought a semblance of balance to a potentially overpowered weapon proc.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
In our internal parsing, the removal of this lockout period affected most ships by a very small margin. We're talking DPS improvements of in the neighborhood of 2% tops. It had an obviously larger impact on ships that were using more of these weapons, as their opportunity to land the proc is increased by the number of these weapons they are firing within that previous lockout period. And these are also the ships were were attempting to address -- before this change, you were actually losing effectiveness by slotting multiple Elachi weapons, instead of using different weapons with Procs that did not share a lockout period.

Additionally, it's not accurate to compare the lockout period of an instant damage-amplifying effect like the Elachi proc, with a duration-based CC ability like a Phaser Proc.
I'm guessing that test was against something like a Tactical Cube. Have you tested this weapon in a PvP team setting against science vessels? Even now, the proc is devastating to the Science Vessel's low hull. You have Romulans putting out 6,000 damage per shot critical hits with 270 degree arc beam arrays (oh I wish that were an exaggeration, but it isn't). You are giving players a weapon capable of killing 38,000 hull science vessels in as little as seven beam array shots. This change is insane, damage is already out of control, and this only makes it that much worse to be flying anything without a cloaking device.
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