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Originally Posted by doublea2014 View Post
NAME, REGISTRY U.S.S. Defiant, NX-74205
STARSHIP CLASS Defiant-Class Escort (experimental prototype)
WEIGHT 355,000 MT
CREW COMPLEMENT 50 Crewmen (15 skeletal crew)
PRIMARY PROPULSION Matter/Antimatter Reactor Type-VII (warp quadcore)
SECONDARY PROPULSION 2 Deuterium Fusion Drive motors (impulse engines)
SUSTAINABLE WARP 7 (Cruise Velocity); 9.8 (12 hours); 9.982 (Max)
ARMAMENT Ablative Hull Armor; Twin-Pulse Phaser Cannons; 8 Torpedo Launchers: Mark-VIII and Mark-IX Photon Torpedoes and Mark-X Quantum Torpedoes
COMPUTER CORE 1 Main Computer Core. Isolinear optical circuits.
AUXILIARY CRAFT 2 Danube-Class Runabouts
CLOAKING DEVICE Romulan D’Deridex-class Warbird cloak

some of the old stuff just iignore but the cloaking device and the 2 danubes would be awesome

these are the acctuall specs for the defiant I would like these upgrades ASAP please
some of those details are incorrect, the defiant couldnt store 2 danubes even if it wanted to, its got enough for a small 2 man shuttlecraft and thats it. the defiant doesnt have photon launchers and the cloaking device like the ablative generator are additionals that were clearly after the design as a number of times in ds9 there were references to the defiant having technology others didnt know about or just suspected. the cloak is also an enhanced version at the least, its shown one time that right after the defiant threw a few volleys of phaser fire out it cloaked moments after, the cloak on sto couldnt do that until red alert ended. i also seem to remember the defiant has enough capacity to take 80 crewmen however tech books put that at 40 crewmen. so whatever the case pointing from details like that is about as accurate at the star trek galaxy maps, which are not that accurate either.
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