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Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
I love the T'varo. It's so gooooood. Buy the basic romulan bundle for 2500 zen. It's a bargain. You get the tier 1 T'varo, tier 5 version, borg boff, title and other stuff. It's just such a good looking badass little ship from canon. It's ships like this that make we wonder why it is we can't have tier 5 NX and Constitution classes. If 22nd century ships with modern tech can become a killing machine, so can anything.
There are two angles you can use for this reasoning:

1.) The Federation and Starfleet have a rich and detailed history.
This is good because it allows creators of new Trek stuff, like Cryptic, to tap a large amount of source material. The downside is that there's less room when it comes to the use of older ships, unlike the Romulans or the Klingons. As a result the Federation has more canon ships than the others have canon and Cryptic-designed ships put together.

2.) The Romulan ships as they appeared in "Minefield" were a massive anachronism.
They were more advanced in looks than the ones from TOS and would have perfectly fit in with the 24th century ships. I mean seriously they would have been perfect as small companions of the D'deridex, fighting JH fighters in the Dominion War. They were also equipped with cloaking devices even though in TOS the entire concept was merely a theory to Kirk and Spock.
The creators of the "Enterprise"-episode even admitted later this was a mistake.
So that CBs allows the T'varo as a 25th century ship is pretty their way of saying that the appearance of that ship in "Enterprise" was a mistake and this ship essentially belongs more to the 24th/25th century than the 22nd.

Heck when I designed a 24th century refit for the Romulan D7 I based the nacelles and the bridge module on that ship and the result looks more advanced than the D7.

You might want to write the appearance of that ship off as interference from another faction in the "Temporal Cold War" that was undone at the end of "Stormfront".

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