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03-08-2014, 09:54 AM
I run and have run all these sets on my Sci toon (Vesta).

If you run energy siphon, TKR an PL then stick with Polaron. If you are not an energy drain build then yes the Rommy plasma is king. As for the sets, I've become a huge fan of the Solanae. It provides a steady hull heal and if you run FAW I actually tend to prefer it to the Borg. Also if you are a low damage dealer it's better as you don't draw any agro.

The difference is that one is a passive healer and the other is active. If you are constantly firing then it is nice. With my energy drain build all my power levels sit at 125+ so I zoom around and rarely get hit, yet am constantly shooting so Solanae works better plus it doesn't make my ship ugly :+

As you are Rommy let me give you another tip with the Solanae. Add the Valdore console with it and you have 2.5% chance on each shot to heal your hull and shields. It is an insane combo. I have an Eng who runs it on his Dhelan and I literally park 3 km off the Elite Crystal Entity and blast away without dying.