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03-08-2014, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by no09dysonsphere View Post
I'd be concerned but the chances of a 2.5% chance proc landing 7 times in a row is astronomical, and with the changes that made it possible to chain engineering team every 15 teams that's not going to happen except to the most inattentive (and unlucky) pilot.
The chance per cycle increased well beyond before. This is a really bad change. The original maximum per minute was about 12 regardless of if you had one or if you had 8. Now the chance balloons to around 100 depending on loadout. Yes the odds are really low to get 7 directly in a row. But it can happen. And you are most assuredly in a one minute span with no lockouts going to hit that number.

The team one I wanted to wait and see, and it's really not horrible. This I can tell already their math is off and they included shield damage in the parses. No way you did a run and got only 2% extra on hull when the things freaking do a 50% debuff when they proc. At minimum that would get you closer to 5%. It'd also take the time to kill down intensely since the damage is piercing the shield and you have vastly more chances to proc.

Again you went from a maximum of 1 every time to a maximum of 8 if you so chose...

Then Bortius is gonna say the Phaser lockout is fine when that is essentially the same exact thing but the lockout was 8s, it wasn't really easily boost-able, and subsystem repair effected it.