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I'd be concerned but the chances of a 2.5% chance proc landing 7 times in a row is astronomical, and with the changes that made it possible to chain engineering team every 15 teams that's not going to happen except to the most inattentive (and unlucky) pilot.
A team of 5 using the 8x Elachi Weapon has a 69.1745% chance per fire cycle to land at least one Elachi proc. There is a 0.4375% chance per fire cycle of getting at 7 procs, assuming the Elachi weapon only procs once per weapon per fire cycle. Just under one half of a percentage isn't astronomical when you consider the fact that these weapons will be firing off constantly. Engineering Team and Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field both have 15 second minimum coolowns. Within those 15 seconds, there is approximately a 6.5% chance that enough procs will land to kill the player through any amount of shields. To be honest, that is insanely high and the reason they implemented the 5 second proc lockout period. If this proc loses shield bypass lockout, then bypassing damage needs to be cut in half and the "ignores 50% of resistances" needs to be removed.
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