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Originally Posted by sin99 View Post
Not to be a nit picker but the dev Blog is wrong about this part

"firing a massive phaser beam out of the Spinal Phaser Lance, obliterating the KDF Vessel with one powerful shot, and speeding through the debris with 3 nacelles on its back. Such a strong scene has certainly remained one of the most memorable in all of TNG lore."

After re watching that episode it actually took 5 possibly 6 Shots to obliterate the KDF vessel

.... even though I don't agree with the Gal X being in the game since it was from a Hypothetical future and will most likely never exist, they should still get the facts straight
You're not nitpicking on that, as it's been mentioned and discussed already. I counted five. I would actually love a five shot like that that fires under once a minute.

And just go back a few pages if you want to see the debate on whether an anti-time future ship should be in game. Keep in mind that we saw the Negh'var for the first time in that future as well. They should add the option to remove those under wing segments on the Negh'var on that note.

The same could be said of the Vesta.

The only future Federation starship that I never want to see again is the Enterprise-J. I personally hate it.
Yes I support This

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