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03-09-2014, 03:43 AM
The Assimilated Borg Set, Dyson/Solanae Sets are very different in their purposes.

The Borg Set is great for general combat and a Sci build focusing on Gravity Well usage. The regen abilities are nice, free heals.

The Dyson & Solanae Set are for very different purposes. They're great if you want an offensive Science approach to go along with your fighting. The key common thing between the Dyson & Solanae Sets is the highest Particle Generators Skill bonus from any space set in the game. If your ship build has no intent on taking advantage of that very high bonus, then look to another set.

Highlights of the Dyson & Solanae Sets.

Dyson - If your build is correct, Proton Barrage is very nasty. Even more so coming out of Cloaks, PVP or PVE. Reactive shielding is a nice bonus, but its not ideal for sitting under sustained, heavy fire.

Solanae - Accuracy boost, highest Particle Gens of all space sets. 4p bonus "Adv.Metaphasic Shielding" has been a great savior when shields are collapsing but the fire is still coming at you. 3p bonus of "Structural Integrity Leech" is the hull repair version of the Romulans' Valdore Console. Just like the Valdore Console, it is not a complete replacement for a true hull/shield repair, but is a wonderful boost when it procs. You want synergy? Have a Warbird with Valdore Console + Solanae Space Set... chance to proc hull & shield repairs while attacking.

Defensively, the Dyson set is a bit more balanced than the Solanae Set. Both are offensive sci oriented builds with the Solanae being more offensive. But again, the Dyson Proton Barrage is damn nasty and has a relatively short cooldown AND is AOE, but you need to put some work in boosting Proton damage and popping an Aux Battery (or run a high Aux build) when doing the attack.

Of significant note, if you want the full 4 piece bonus of the Solanae Set, you have to have the Warp / Singularity Core from the Anniversary Dyson Science Destroyer. Very much a "have or have not" scenario with that set.

What the Dyson & Solanae Sets are not ideal for?
- Pure defensiveness.
- Any build that needs good Gravity Well Skill because there's no bonus for that skill... Grav Well, Tractor Beam will be weak without significant console help. However, if played right, the very high Particle Gens from Dyson/Solanae Sets can make for a very nasty TBR attack, straight to the hull (remember, Grav Well Skill & Aux Power determines the strength of the push/pull (for doff version), Particle Gen Skill determines dmg to the hull)
- Drain builds. No Flow Capacitor Skill bonus to be found.
- Somewhat mediocre for sci healing builds, though Dyson has some Shield Emitters bonus.

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