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Originally Posted by admiraldc View Post
I think he just meant the topic in general tends to draw a lot of arguing, protogoth, which is true enough.

On topic: I don't have either T'varo, but I've poked my head into Ker'rat randomly enough (not really specced well but sometimes the place can be fun to mess around in) to have seen one slinging red doom balls everywhere from cloak once.

I learned terror that day. And made it my mission to shoot that guy every time he showed up.
There is no arguing in the link I posted. It goes to my fleet's website, and specifically, to my own discussion ("essay" or "treatise" or whatever -- the point is, it's only what I myself wrote; there are no comments from anyone else, and I'm pretty sure I set it up so that I have to approve any comments before they will appear on the site, but I think comments are only possible on blog posts, and this is not a blog post).

Anyway, back on topic. I brought this up only to say that I specifically referred to the Temporal Cold War to explain what many Trekkers view as anomalous: the presence of Romulan ships in ENT (namely, the two T'varo warbirds) which had features they should not have had at that time (ability to cloak and travel at warp speed simultaneously, and the material from which they were constructed being first seen in the TNG era).

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