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Also, the T'varo can throw one grav well 1 with the LtCom universal slot. I dont have my Romulan tac to the point where i can experiment, but giving up a LtCom Tac Boff for GW1 is a tough call. Some builds might call for it, but i would personally avoid it in favor of more attack skills, given what the T'varo' layout is.
Actually, given the fix for Grav Well several months back, for the T'Varo to go with Grav Well 1 makes a whole lot of sense, esp. if you have the Dyson Grav Torp.

While in cloak:
-Group up NPCs with Grav Well 1
-Load up attack buffs and Torp Spread 3 or High Yield Torp 3

Decloak (decloak dmg bonus, on top of TAC buffs)
-Fire off Dyson Torp
-Watch entire wave of NPCs die

Most esp. in PVE, ships with a strong flavoring of TAC & SCI make the game extremely easy. If you have at least 1 LtCdr BOFF station in TAC & SCI, you can **** this game real good.

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