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Well, I'll be darned. I never really look at the buffs. Blew up a bunch of things in Tau Dewa Patrol, and only forced the "Ambush" buff on screen with a forced decloak.

It's the same way in the B'rel (did it in Empire Defense patrols). I forced a decloak, and I got the standard Ambush bonus in the B'rel... otherwise, just the standard EBC buff.

That stinks. I wasted a lot of EC for a Superior Infiltrator Reman, along with the Superior Romulan Operatives for my T'varo.

I'll just load up on Nausicaans, I guess (+7.5% damage isn't all that bad), and spec my Remans & Romulans for the D'deridex BeamFAW spam. Time to make Hiven & Veril & Satra productive by kicking them off of the island...

Enhanced Battle Cloak is sort of a waste on the T'varo, I guess.
It's not a waste. Not at all. EBC is one of the strongest benefits you can have in the game... what I call the "Cloak & Poke"

Firstly, with enough Operative / Superior Operative and a smidge here and there of Infiltrator & Superior Infiltrator (the timer increase stacks for different quality Infiltrator traits, not the same quality**), you can cut that recloak timer down to 9 seconds. You can make the ambush buff timer go from about 14-15 seconds to 23 seconds if you're a Reman.

Warbirds should be weaving in and out of cloaks. Preferrably when the Ambush buff timer is done or when the situation warrants. The T'Varo & B'Rel both can do this.

On top of those benefits, the EBC still lets them:
- Fire torps while in cloak if you don't want to drop out completely.
- Same with Sci and other Support abilities. You can apply things like EngTm, SciTm, TacTm onto a friendly without decloaking altogether.
- You can still drop mines without even temporarily dropping cloaks like you do with Torps and Support / Sci abilities.
- If damaged and you have cloak applied, you can still quickly, easily repair yourself without waiting to be out of combat to regenerate, or dropping cloaks to apply repairs. This is a massive benefit to EBC and gets you back in the fight after taking alot of damage faster than any other cloak capable ship.

** My Reman, alongside several Superior Operative BOFFs and 1 Reman BOFF with Superior Infiltrator will have a 9-10 second recloak timer. Ambush timer is at 23 seconds. This is due to my Reman captain's regular Infiltrator and another Reman BOFF's Superior Infiltrator traits stacking.

The Infiltrator ambush timer will increase if you have Infiltrator+Superior Infiltrator. It does NOT stack if you have Superior Infiltrator x2 in the setup.

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