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01-20-2010, 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by Stymer
Wow, all old machines and our first was the trs-80...

Then I got the commodore 128, by the time I finished with it, I had the following

128 Video Chip mod,
16 Mb Ram-link w/ 2 slots
8 meg ram drive
1 x 1571
2 x 1581 drives
1 x 250 meg HD
and another cartridge, can't think of the name,
14.4 modem

was a nice little setup back then, heh heh heh
Hard to believe that you can buy mobile phones with more computing power than a 128! I remember the joy at loading a game on my C64, listening to the random noise and watching the colours scroll on the screen... only to have my happy feeling dashed by a chewed tape