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03-09-2014, 10:06 PM
Too powerful - most people look for the easiest way through them. The one with the best variation in good ground and space gear is the borg/omega one, also the omega marks are easily obtained in the space elite STF Conduit and Vortex, so the standard advice is do that one first.

Dyson marks are easily obtained in large bunches in the ground battlezone; rom by the epohh tagging, which takes weeks to get through as you're only allowed to do one run per day; nukara in crystalline elite.

The problem with doing all at once is a new toon will run out of XP and/or EC, additional toons can have a sponsorship token that halves the cost iff you have an account bank( 1000 zen). If you plan on kitting out a ship with rom plasma weapons you might want to do that first.