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03-10-2014, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by genada View Post
I am not going to say he shouldn't or should be doing what he did.

The problem is the content. These stfs are suppose to be end game and they have become sad jokes where taking a t1 ship in is the only way to create a real challenge. There needs to be more end game content and content that will challenge players. Cryptic is failing at that hard, they seem either unable to create content that is a challenge to players or they are afraid of doing so. Either way, this is a sign of the problem but not the main problem. Taking t1 ships into end game content should get you roflstomped but right now you can do it and still expect to win.
The content only seems like it's too easy because most players only go for the absolute best gear that does the highest possible damage and does it really fast and to multie targets at once. None of them even consider challenging themselves and using a tier 4 or 3 version of their ship, or lower level gear, or even an entirely different setup and build. Nope, the game has to change to suit them and their uber builds.