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I think Sela was part of the Tal'Shiar; her character simply fits that view, and doesn't fit the Tal'Diann (even before my re-formation of the Tal'Diann). She was established in the backstory (Path to 2409) as adversarial to the Tal'Shiar under Rehaek, but only after Rehaek started persecuting nobles whom she favored. I think it's safe to say her actual opposition was to Rehaek and those who supported him in the Tal'Shiar, and not the Tal'Shiar itself. The Path to 2409 also says she had experience in Intelligence (it does not say "Military Intelligence").
Sela seems more Tal Prai'ex-ish to me. At least the ones who did not exile when they found out about Hakeev.