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Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Romulan Rep is friendliest to newcomers, because it requires no combat or equipment whatsoever. Every other rep requires that you have a passably equipped character or ship, although Dyson can be done with just a gun. But Romulan doesn't even require that you have a gun, as you can progress through the entire rep without a shot fired, so you don't need to have a ship, or a weapon at all. This makes the entry barrier much lower than other reps, which require that you be armed or flying something other than your Miranda.
On the other hand dyson rep requires a lot less energy credits and XP, if you are a newcomer most likely you are not going to have them. so even if you don't need a gun for grinding marks, you will need at least an averge build for farming energy credits and XP

Also if you are a newcomer you might find the mark grinding frustrating, sure, you can get them easily by breeding epohhs, but that takes a few days, and the rewards from the queues don't worth the effort, so even if it's the easiest, is not the friendlier, not for a newcomer anyway
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