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03-10-2014, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post

With so many scimitars that can complete ISE in two minutes, I really fail to see the problem with using a T1 ship.

Heck, I've taken T5 ships into ISE and felt useless thanks to those OP scimitars. So what's the difference? If scimitars are killing everything before anyone else can do much, what difference does taking a T1 ship in make?
Lol, yeah. I know how you feel. There are times where I've taken my Scimitar into an ESTF (this one runs DHCs... HERESY I KNOW!!!), and still felt like I was superflous. Or overkill. Basically not necessary.

Originally Posted by ralphgraphite View Post
Not running STFs yet, as still relatively new but in the Borg red alerts I personally much rather seeing lower level ships that are trying than Avengers that are obviously AFK or not trying at all. More infuriating yet is people who warp out at the first sign of trouble (ie things taking too long) - awesome way to screw over those who stay behind to finish the fight.
Which is why you run a high DPS ship. That way, if/when that happens, you can still win with relative ease.
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