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03-11-2014, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Not really... piercing tets are not intended to ever be an end game weapon. They are not really a weapon type just a mission reward one off. Like the fed tetryons that have a 10% chance to proc... or the hybrid Disruptor plasma DHC reward missions. They are intended to make it easy to level your toon up... and then be dumped when you are done so you can pick up a proper weapon.

The P Tets where never intended to be compared with real end game weapons. Just like we don't ask why end game tetryons don't have 10% chance to proc like the mission rewards do.
Polarized Tetryon weapons are balanced out just as any special proc weapon is, though they don't so much have a special proc as they have more of the same proc. They come with no modifiers, as what modifiers they could have are replaced by three additional 2.5 chance to proc shield drain. So one could either get a Tetryon beam array with [Dmg][Acc]x2 or a Polarized Tetryon beam array with three additional 2.5% chance to proc, but not both.

That aside, like I said before, I'm not looking for weapon balancing, but proc balancing. The Piercing Tetryon weapons aren't going to be equal to Elachi weapons, but there's no reason at all that one should have a vastly inferior proc, as procs are exactly the same no matter what mark, level, or raity a weapon they're on is.

And so, if we have a proc with a 2.5% chance to ignore 100% shields and 50% damage resistance be changed to have the same, but numerically better, effects of a proc with only 2.5% chance to ignore 50% shields, then wouldn't the latter be changed to compensate?