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01-21-2010, 01:26 AM
I'm no expert on MMO server systems, but I'm going to guess from my IT training and experience that these issues may not be directly related to everyone. I believe that it is possible that server balancing may cause some to run great, and entire segments of others to run horribly. Part of this may come from how the connections are established and maintained upon being handed off from the login server.

I also thought that it could be a problem on my end, or a problem across the WAN, but I have tested my LAN and run multiple tracrerts and found that I have no latency issues between here and the patch server. I'm guessing that either the new hardware isn't up yet, or it is and just needs to be balanced.

Please don't take this as written in stone, as I have already stated that I don't know anything specific to MMO servers, but it is an "educated" guess. If CR or someone else wants to correct me, please do as I'm always interested in learning how things work.