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03-12-2014, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're in the midst of updating Costume Unlocks associated with Reputation Armors/Sets, as one of the features that will be included with Season 9, along with some other Reputation updates.

I can't share fulll details on exactly what we're doing, since that work is still in-progress. But keep an eye on Tribble over the next month or so.
I met several of you devs at #STLV 2013 and discussed this issue with you guys last summer. Reference bug report #2,350,178.

My toon was created a long time ago (pre rep system) and was caught in the middle when the rep system launched. Caught in the middle meaning that I had about 1/2 of the Borg STF's and optionals completed when the overhaul happened.

Now I have gone back and attempted to fix things on my end...I went back thru numerous times and successfully completed all STF's with optionals (all 12 of them)

I went back thru the rep system and repurchased every piece of equipment from it from Mk X to Adapted Mk XII. It took an insane amount of time to do this grinding but I did it.

And the end result is the same. The accolades associated with the Borg STF's are frozen. This has resulted in locked costumes, locked titles, reduced accolade points, and most likely I'm missing some passive ability. This is directly effecting gameplay and most likely any player from pre season 7 that's still playing.

Why you would fix the trails coming out of a Romulan ship before you fix this bug makes no sense. You've fixed trails, and random team leader abilities that very few players even know exist (let alone have as much affect as the bug I have reported time and time again)

In the sake of fairness, will you please fix this bug? One of the dev team spoke out and directly stated that PvP sucks in game. I know for a fact that passives come into play in certain conditions and I refuse to PvP (or spend any more money) I'm game while this bug remains. It's not fair to PvP when I know I'm missing abilities. This kind of stuff directly relates to getting people in to PvP and player retention (I stopped playing for months because of this and several other bugs) and I can't fathom why this particular bug isn't being addressed. This particular bug affects several different aspects to the game.