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Originally Posted by generator88 View Post
Most of the time when I'm using his, it's from my phone, so I appreciate not having to swipe through a lot of redundant entries, so if it's up for a vote, I vote against duplicates that have the same stats. That said, it's your ball, hoss, so do what feels right to you.

I eagerly await the 8/8.5 update. I forget if I've said this before, but thanks a ton for this labor of love.
Thanks for the vote and kind words Gen. The current plan (such as there is), would be to not add redundant ships.

I'm sorry the update hasn't come out. I've just been too busy with rl/work. I haven't forgotten though.

Originally Posted by davideight View Post
im really dissapointed that you choose to not support opensouce excel programms anymore...
I never really chose to support OS Excel programs, they just happened to support me. With the release of OO v4 they stopped supporting what I release.

I haven't had time lately to support my own project in Excel, much less try to figure out why the Calc got broke in OO v4. Also, I'll quote this bit from the FAQ (post 2):

Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post

* What's up with Open Office?
...I'm sorry, but this isn't a paying gig for me, it's only a hobby, and I've no interest in debugging another program. ...if someone else champion's OO v4, interacts with their community/forums to develop a fix, and/or can provide me with an easy few steps to integrate, I'll do what I can. Otherwise, OO v4 will remain officially unsupported.
So there you go David Eight. Feel free to champion OO... Take the Calc to the OO community/forums and work to get a solution there...

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