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01-21-2010, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by BluECliQ View Post
I'm pleased the majority of the AA issues were fixed with the recent patch, however in the game options the highest AA I can set is 8x rather than 16x. I have a fairly high end system and am getting no lag with it set to 8x, I'd like to push it to 16x but forcing it in Catalyst Control Center doesn't seem to do anything inside the game. Will support for 16x be added sometime in the future?
You might get better results from custom filtered AA [which you might have enabled anyways, in which case you can't set 16x MSAA (multi-sampled anti-aliasing)]. Basically, CFAA upscales 4x and 8x MSAA to 12x and 24x AA. It is simply enabled by going into the Catalyst control center, setting AA to "application preference", and then setting the filter to "edge-detect" (or the narrow-tent/wide-tent settings, but I've had mixed results with those). Hopefully, you'll have good luck with this, I do. I usually just keep it to 4x/12x though.

Looking into it, it seems like there might be a performance hit, but it looks very nice at 12x so it's worth playing around with if 8x isn't good enough for you.