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03-13-2014, 12:47 PM
Even a Mk XI Borg Engine and Deflector coupled with your favorite warp core and shields is better than the MK XII Solane set for keeping shields up.

I ran that a step between stars a bunch of times and got the 4 piece solane set. It's Mk XII. I put it on a tanky odyssey and challenged a fleetmate. He shot at me for a few minutes each time. He was able to get through my shields while I only cycled 2x EPTS and 2X TSS. With a fleet shield (resb) it wasn't noticeably better, but parses showed it was slightly better. With just a Mk XI assimilated borg engine and deflector, coupled with the fleet shield (resb) and elite warp core, he couldn't break the shields. Whether my fleetmate was good or not is not the point, his reputation levels were only beginning, but the borg set was noticeably better. I didn't bother looking at the parses since the lack of hull damage said it all.